Bahia, the “Terra de Todos os Santos” is a state with a huge coastline surrounded by beautiful beaches and a lot of positive energy. Famous for axé, Bahia is a land that reminds us of party and excitement, something very common to be seen in most of its cities. But if you intend to spend your holidays or even live in Santo André, know that this place is an exception to the rule.

Although located less than 30 kilometers from Porto Seguro, the village of Santo André is synonymous with tranquility and calm at any time of the year, including in the very busy summer.

The proximity to the João de Tiba River makes the beaches in the Santa Cruz Cabrália area the least blue in the southern region of Bahia. But this is not a negative point, as Santo André makes up for it with its wonderful landscapes framed by coconut trees, dirt streets, dense native vegetation of the Atlantic Forest and the countless reefs that form the natural pools.

But Santo André does not live alone. Even small – the village of around 900 inhabitants has only one main street, some called Beira-Rio, others Beira-Mar. Although the place is isolated, Santo André offers cozy inns and delicious restaurants to its visitors.

In addition, the village is part of an important environmental protection area, the APA de Santo Antônio, which ensures the protection of floodplains, sandbanks, reefs, mangroves and forests.

Here in Santo André, ecotourism and adventure are synonymous, and there is fun for all styles in the great tours available in its vicinity, such as deep sea fishing, jeep tours through the various beaches in the region, dives in coral reefs, as well as hiking trails towards isolated indigenous villages.

About the points of dives in barrier reefs, know that they are carried out in Alagadas, Coroa Alta and Coral de Araripe. You will be driven to the site on a sloop tour, and whichever you choose, you will be able to glimpse countless species of corals and fish at any time of the year.

If you choose to dive in the summer, as the waters will be clearer, you will be able to better contemplate marine life, as turtles and dolphins are widely seen in the place. And if you dive in the period from July to November, you will meet the incredible humpback whales.

Speaking of water, Santo André is also a sure destination for fans of ocean blue marlin fishing, one of the best places in the world for practitioners of this sport. 

32 nautical miles from the village is the Royal Charlotte Bank, a continental platform that brings schools of fish considered to be large. The fishing season begins in the month of November and extends throughout the summer. In December, the village is very busy due to the Marlim Azul Fishing Tournament.

Familiarity with rivers and mangroves makes the beaches in the Santo André region the least blue on the Discovery Coast. The landscape that surrounds them, however, surrounded by coconut trees, reefs and native Atlantic Forest, guarantees its charm and beauty as equals. 

Semi desert, but with cozy inns and delicious restaurants and kiosks, Santo André is an invitation for you that seeks to relax but does not give up some perks like a fried fish by the sea and a very cold beer!